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The 10 Fundamental Reasons To Build A Website For Business

Posted: Jun,22,2017 by charls

Build a website for business in today’s highly digital world:

Every business owner wants to be successful. Today having an online presence is not only about selling your products but also providing some value to your potential customers. You might be wondering that your business is doing great without a website. Can you only imagine how much better it would be able to perform if you build a website for business? Nearly 70% of the world will have a mobile device on hand by 2020! You can’t afford to loose out on those numbers.

It is a misconception that your customers do not have a device for online accessibility or your business is not suited for an online presence. Here are 10 reasons why you need to build a website for business:

#1 You customers want it
build a website for businessIt is the digital age and your 6 out 10 customers will expect you to have an online presence. Most of the customers search for the online availability of the business before they can place the orders. Others directly visit the website to look for the products that they would prefer to order. If you do not have a business website then you must consider having. Otherwise, you customers will go to your competitor’s website.

#2 Social Proof
The online reviews on the website influence 90% of the decisions that the customers make before buying an online product. You might be relying on the reviews of the other sites for your branding. When you have your own website, it gives you a chance to kill two birds with the same stone. You can prove your customers that your products and services are high-quality by sharing the testimonials of the previous clients in your site. You will not have to work on their again and they will create a lifetime social proof for your business.

#3 Control your narratives
You have no control over the comments that public makes about your business. However, you can change the perception of people by creating your own business story and sharing it on your website.
• Build a business blog and share information content for your customers
• Let them know the mission and vision of your business through your website
• You can add links to your social media sites on your business websites that will increase interactions

#4 Brand Awareness
One of the biggest reasons to build a website for business is to increase your brand awareness. Internet is accessible around the globe and having a website means that people from around the world will be looking at your products and services. It will increase your reach to thousand of more potential customers.
You can create a positive image about your brand. Your position will be stronger as compared to your rivals.

#5 Stay ahead of your competitors
Never give your customers a reason to buy from another brand or visit the website of your competitors. Customers rely on the recommendations that they get from their friends. Once they know what they want, 72% of the consumers will use the internet to search for the specific product. It is important that you stay competitive, as it is your only chance to grab the attention of your visitors and change them into your customers.

#6 Show up in Google search results
so you go ahead and you build a website for business but what’s next? google is the main search engine that is utilized by 81% of the consumers. They will search for the required products by typing one or two important keywords. They will select the first few websites that appear on the search engine. If you have a website you can utilize the search engine optimization technique to ensure that your business site appear in the first few results. It will increase your visibility and chance to attract your potential customers. You can use titles, long-tail keywords and Meta descriptions optimize your website. For more information on how you would be able to improve your SEO and get on the first pages of google contact the Charls Web Design Group for a FREE consultation.

#7 Showcase your services and products
If you want to give your customers, no reason to go elsewhere you can share creative content on your website. All your latest products and services should be available with the video tutorials. When your customers will find it hard to use the product, they know that your website will provide them with the perfect guideline. They will start to trust you and that will help to build a long-term relation.

#8 Save time and Money

Building a website from scratch to launch will take time and no matter how simple people may tell you it is, there is a learning curve to everything you do online. If you want to save time and money getting it right the first time it is not a bad idea to consult with professionals. Charls Web Design Group offers a Free Consultation so you can get up and running the right way and making sure you stay focused on what you do best.

There are many things involved with even setting up the most simple websites. Things like domain setup, hosting setup, making sure your name servers are pointing the right way and then figuring out how to build out the template to fit your business needs can take even tech savvy people a few days to figure out.

If you would like to try it out for yourself here are some great places to start for the basic requirements:

At the Charls Web Design Group we make it our priority to make your online presence a success the first time around!

Making sure you will have time to focus on the growth of your business which is key.

#9 Improve customer service
Customer service is so important in this digital age when everyone is checking out your reviews! Set your self apart from mainstream and make sure you provide top notch customer service! You can make a FAQ page where all the questions of your customers will be addresses. Have an email where your customers can share their complaints recommendations. When you respond to customer complaints you will built a strong bond because they will get the feeling that you truly care about their ideas. Share information on your website and give your customers a value added service is always a good cherry on top!

#10 Build Your Empirebuild a website for business

Reaching millions of hungry customers has never been easier with the new era of online marketing. In order to reach the right customers for your business you have to make sure all the accolades are in your favor. It is no easy journey to climb your way through all the competition but a well worth while journey indeed. And with the right people and support you could save plenty of headaches along the way.

The Conclusion
Truthfully.. there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an online presence already… but if you don’t make sure you build a website for business and get started now!

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