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Create A Website For Business In 6 Easy Steps

Posted: Jun,16,2017 by charls

Here is a basic guide on how you can create a website for business in 6 easy steps


A website is the ultimate platform that will provide your customers a basis of social proof. They will know by the reviews and testimonials that your products and services are authentic. Do you want to start a website but do not know how to create a website for business? Here are 6 easy steps to help you begin your journey.


Step 1: Select a Platform

create a website for business

Selection of the right Content Management System is the first step in order to create a website for business. You have to select the platform that is easy to use and will allow you to upgrade your website content on regular basis. There are many online platforms and ultimately it is up to you to find the right platform that is best suited for you.

The platform is the building block of your website so it is absolutely necessary. There are many free and paid platforms and you can select the one most suitable to your budget. However, the free platforms will have ads that you cannot control while the paid ones have more customization options that will allow you to upgrade the platform.

Here is a list of some popular platforms to get started on:


Step 2: Get a Domain Name

To get to your website your customers will need to insert the web address. A domain name is the web address of your website. Most of the business organizations have the same domain name as their business name because it is easier for the customers to remember and find. However, you can select any characters you like unless they are not taken. Your domain name should be short and simple as that will be easy for your customers to memorize. For an ideal domain name, you will have to deal with the following:

• You have to pay to buy your domain name
• Pay the registration fee of your domain name every year so others cannot steal it

You will only have to pay $10 to $12 to buy a domain name. The same amount is required for its registration. If your domain name is already in use you can buy it from the owner or select another name.


Step 3: Personalized Business Email Address

In order to create a website for business that is successful it is a good idea to have a personalized business email address to make your business look established and professional. Humans are very judgemental because it is in their nature so you have to take care of the following aspects.

• Using a Yahoo or Gmail email address will give a negative image that your business is not serious.
• You can easily get a customized email at an affordable rate
• It will provide you reliability, security, and better user-interface. It will be your Gmail with a personalized address
• The server will manage everything regarding your email address while you can focus on your services and business


Step 4: Select a Hosting Package

Selecting the hosting package is the most important step to perform. When you will select the right package, it will make the development of the website very easy. There is a variety of hosting packages available in the market and all of their own advantages and disadvantages. You have to select the one that meets your requirements and budget in the best possible manner. Never select a package that is complex or offer the features that you do not need. Features can be great but it is better that you start simply as it will allow you to learn and they you can move forward to the expensive and high-tech hosting packages. Do not go after others and select the platform that is perfect for your needs.


Step 5: Website Layout and template design options

create a website for business

There are pros and cons of having a custom website developed for your business and will ultimately be up to you to decide. There is a learning curve to everything you do online and this means more time away from your business. If you want to skip the headaches and save a boat load of time then consider a free consultation from the Charls Web Design Group.


  • Save time
  • Get it right the first time
  • No headaches
  • Fast results



  • Will require an investment


Most CMS platforms come with many different templates available to use but often times are hard to customize to best suit your business. If you are running on a very tight budget it might be a good idea to start off with a free template and work your way from there.

If you want to learn the ropes there are many videos available on YouTube & other sources to help you and get started.


Step 6: Upload your Content and Information

You can’t create a website for business that is successful without proper content and information. For most it is the fun part of developing the website, as you will get the chance to upload the images and the content regarding your business. This usually requires some thought and if your business is very content focused it might be a good idea to hire out a professional copy writer.

• You have to select the images and the content that is authentic in order to brand yourself accordingly.
• Make sure that everything has some written content because it will help you to attract more customers
• Utilize the best resources that will allow you to quickly and easily upload the content
• Use the right plan and tools to keep everything simple
•If you plan on updating your blog daily then make sure your provide high quality content for your visitors.


Bottom line

In order to create a website for business and branding yourself accordingly takes time and dedication and is no easy task. It takes years of work getting your business of the ground and most importantly as a business owner you are likely spending hours of your day focusing and maintaining your  day to day business duties leaving you with little or no time for branding and marketing. It is NEVER a bad idea to look for professional assistance when it comes to establishing your online business presence.

Here at Charls Web Design Group we offer a free consultation in order to help you and your business succeed quickly & efficiently. Feel free to reach out anytime!

create a website for business in 6 easy steps

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